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Vifm "Vi File Manager"

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Recently looking for tools to terminal emulator I found Vifm and definitely seems to be competing with MC. 

Now, not much to say about Vifm, only is a ncurses based file manager with VI like keybindings and have keyboard access VI... finally, if you like VI, Vifm you'll like.

Now I leave a couple of commands to remember

Basic Movement
j - moves down.
k - moves up.
l - moves into a directory or launches a file.
h - moves up one directory.

gg - move to the top of the file list.
G - move to the bottom of the file list.

14G - move to the 14th file in the list.

Ctrl-F or Page Down - move forward one page.
Ctrl-B or Page Up - move back one page.

25% - move to the file that is 25 percent from the top of the list.

:34[Enter] - move to the 34th file.

:0[Enter] - move to the top of the list.
:$[Enter] - move to the bottom of the list.

The Space Bar or Tab Key toggles between the two file lists.

Ctrl+G creates a window showing detailed information about the current file.


Marks are set the same way as they are in vi.
m[a-z][A-Z][0-9] to set a mark for the current file.
'[a-z][A-Z][0-9] moves to the file set for the mark.


/regular expression pattern[Return] - will highlight all files matching the pattern.
N - find the previous match.
n - find the next match.

Additional Normal Mode Keys
[count]dd - moves the selected files to the trash directory.
[count]yy - yanks the selected files.
p - puts the last yanked or deleted files.
t - tag the current file.
v - start visual mode.


:com - gives a menu of user commands.
:com name action sets a new user command.
:delc command_name will remove the command_name user command
:fil regular_expression patternwill filter all the files out of the directory listing that match the regular expression.

:fil .o$ - would filter all files ending in .o from the filelist.
:empty will permanently remove 'rm -fr' files from the Trash directory.
:sh will start a shell.
:q or :x will exit vifm.
:! program will execute the program in a shell
:!! program is the same as :! but will pause the screen before returning to vifm.
:!! will execute the last command.
:e load file into vi
:pwd show the present working directory.
:cd change directory.

:cd ~/bin

:s[ort] creates a popup menu of different sorting methods.
:his[tory] creates a popup menu of directories visited.
:h[elp] show the help file.
:marks create a popup menu of bookmarks.
:screen toggles whether or not to use the screen program.
:split splits the window to show both file directories
:only changes the window to show only the current file directory

File Filters

The basic vim folding key bindings are used for filtering files.
zO Show the filtered files.
zM Filter the files matching the filename filter.
zo Show all of the dot files.
zm Filter all of the dot files.
zf Filter all of the selected files.

Finaly, Vifm is avalible in Debian repositories!!!

From: Linux Softpedia Vifm



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